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Our Skills

Mobile Apps

We've built a ton of them. Some have even won awards.

Custom Web Apps

Ideal for quickly building web products or services to prove your concept.  

Blockchain Apps

Develop your decentralized application on the Bitcoin or Ethereum blockchains. 

Artificial Intelligence

Leverage machine learning to improve your application's core algorithms.

Solutions across healthcare, legal, fundraising + more

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Fashwire Hits #1

Fashwire’s global platform provides its portfolio of 350+ designers from 35+ countries vital insight into consumer shopping behavior patterns. A two-sided marketplace, Fashwire is a B2B data hub to navigate consumer demand and increase profitability. For Consumers, Fashwire’s B2C shopping platform creates a compelling interactive experience by combining fun, immersive swipe voting with the ability to influence the designer instantly.

The company has raised $2.5M to date and is backed by a range of all-star private angel investors.  Since 2017, DevelopingNow has and continues to closely support Fashwire in all aspects of product development.

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Choose the Right Stack

Selecting the right technology is an integral part of any development process and lifecycle. Let our years of experience work for you and your project.

Cloud Hosting

Keep things simple by focusing on software development.  We rely on AWS, Azure and Google Computing Engine to power our client's apps.

Apple iOS

We're intimately familiar with xCode, iOS and the Apple App Store's development and deployment processes.  


Android development requires the right experience and knowhow.  JAVA and Kotlin are a few of the tools we leverage for Andorid dev.

Stripe for Payments

Does your platform require payment processing or a split-payment flow? We know Stripe in-and-out and can recommend the best approach for your payments use case.

Frameworks & Languages

We leverage popular frameworks and languages such as Laravel, React, Node.js and Python in our development life cycles.

Code Management

Designing and developing is just a part of the process.  We'll leverage the best tools and services to keep your sourcecode safe and secure.

Enterprise-level Software Solutions

Mobile App Showcase

See some of our mobile development work below.




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