CFL Technologies

CFL Is a firm founded with a unique mission to counter forced labor in supply chains and committed to leveraging technology to create sustainable business value for our clients.

CFL Technologies

Modern supply chains are sophisticated and complex networks. Rapidly changing conditions may create new risks tomorrow where none existed yesterday. Increasingly stringent laws and regulations create more challenging compliance requirements. CFL provides solutions to help bring clarity and certainty by putting information at your fingertips and allowing you to stay in front of this important issue.

Since 2016, DevelopingNow has served as the exclusive development partner for CFL's core offering, GRAT (Global Rizk Assessment Technology), which helps organizations detect and mitigate areas of possible risk within their global supply chains.

  • Year. 2016 - Present
  • Company. Counter Forced Labor Technologies
  • Client. CHTCS
  • Location. New York, NY

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